Seasonal untranslatables!

Dec 20, 2011 | First Edition Translations, Language, Translation

Continuing in our series of untranslatable words, we have found a few seasonable types… A wonderful word the Danes use is Hygge, describing a lovely calm, comfortable time with good friends or loved-ones – often involving food, drink, perhaps candlelight. Perfect for Christmas time!

The well-used Dutch word gezellig conveys a similar concept; something that makes you feel good – relaxed, warm and inclusive. In German, Gemütlichkeit is used in the same way. The nearest English equivilant is probably ‘cosy’ but this just doesn’t really get close to the full emotional meaning.

Another good word for the season comes from just over the border in Wales, and is a favourite with our own Daniela – cwtch is cuddling, snuggling, loving, and protecting all in the one word. It even sounds like a cuddle!

What’s your favourite Christmas word?