There’s a giraffe in the road…

Nov 2, 2011 | Business

My family and I took off for a little jaunt round our local safari park recently. We were in no hurry and were happy tootling along at a few miles an hour as we peered at the animals from the safety of our car. As we drove around in the snaking convoy of other families (some bearing evidence of the monkey enclosure…) we came across a hold up in the traffic, which turned out to be caused by a giraffe in the road. But, unlike on the A14 on my usual journey, we were all happy to wait and stare up at this incredible beast as it surveyed its surroundings before majestically moving on.

Feeling a bit philosophical, this got me thinking. In business, just as in life, we often come across things in the way, stopping us from getting where we want to be. However, these bumps in the road may not always be just a nuisance – sometimes they can be just the distraction you need, or can at the very least be admired on the way past.

So next time you get stopped in your tracks, look up – it might just be a giraffe!