Embrace the unfamiliar

Nov 15, 2011 | Business, Literature, Translation

Here at First Edition we’re all avid readers and even have a FE Book Club to prove it. But we are a diverse lot, which makes for some interesting reading choices – sometimes pushing us to new and unexplored literary areas.

I recently read two very different books – The Door by Magda Szabo and Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott. The first is set in Hungary in the second half of the twentieth century, the second in Cambridge during more contemporary times.

The Door had me scuttling to Wikipedia on many occasions, to keep up with unfamiliar cultural and historical references. In contrast, part of the joy of Ghostwalk was the familiarity of the sights and streets of Cambridge.

Books, like business, satisfy different needs. It’s great to have the knowledge and ease of a well-loved and familiar genre or culture. But sometimes it’s good to be challenged and look to something outside that comfort zone. In business, it can be worth putting in the extra effort and doing the research to explore a new market or even a new country.

And don’t worry about an unfamiliar language – we’ve got that covered!