Wiggle your wands!

Sep 21, 2011 | Translation

The Wand CompanySo, you’ve finally sat down to watch a bit of telly after a hard day. But then you realise that the telly’s off but the mp3 docking station’s on, the curtains are open, the lights are too bright, and you’ve got a veritable army of remote controls to sort it all out. You sigh and wish, not for the first time, “If only I had a magic wand…”

Well, wish no more! One of our newer clients, The Wand Company, has developed the amazing Kymera Magic Wand. This ingenious device is a buttonless remote control that can learn up to 13 infrared codes from your existing remote controls and translate them into the swishes and swipes of the wand – anything from turning up the TV to opening the curtains and switching on the lights – magic! Packed to the brim with advanced miniaturised technology, it looks like something out of Harry Potter and performs like something out of James Bond.

Having already successfully launched in the UK, The Wand Company decided to go East and asked us to translate the instruction manual into Japanese. As with any manual, it was important that the text was not only accurate and easy to understand, but also in the right style and appropriate for a Japanese audience, and we were careful to find the right translator for the job. When heading West to launch in Brazil, they came back to us for translations into Portuguese.

International Business Manager Andrew Green said: “I have been really impressed, not only with the speed and quality of the translations, but also with the way in which First Edition ensured the translation text has the same feel as the original. It is really important to us that our overseas markets have a genuine and engaging experience of our products achieved, in part, through the quality of the translation. First Edition has helped us to accomplish this.”