What makes you happy?

Aug 2, 2011 | Musings

One of the LinkedIn groups I belong to is doing an experiment on happiness and is asking its members what things do you do that make you happy? What is probably not so surprising is that many of the same things make us all happy – our family, our friends, the simple things in life.

Here’s what makes the staff of First Edition happy:

Ana: “A good book, and super-hero movies done right (like the recent Captain America).”

Daniela: “My son coming to me for cuddles. And an empty in-box.

Mel: “Cuddling up with my partner, while watching a good film and having my feet stroked (crammed a few in there…). And listening to good music. Oh, and stroking a guinea pig!”

Annabel: “Watching 24 with my husband, swimming outside and wedding planning (mine and anybody else who asks!)”

Aniko: “Sitting in my room while it’s raining outside, with the window slightly open so I can smell the rain. Preparing a complicated meal, presenting it beautifully and seeing from my boyfriend that it actually tastes good!”

Bridget: “Watching my old, old cat stretching in the sun and the way my children make me laugh.”

Sheila: “Watching Wallander with my husband on a Saturday evening sipping a glass of wine. Watching the swifts performing their aerial acrobatics over the fields.”

What makes you happy?