Our Editorial department are regularly involved with the translation of beautiful books, but one of the highlights this year was the translation of a website for the Monet exhibition currently showing at Galeries Nationales, Paris. We translated the site from the original French into English and it is one of the most visually stunning projects we have ever worked on.

Taking you on an interactive journey through Claude Monet’s art, the website is innovative, fascinating and spectacular. The exhibition has also been a tremendous success, so much so that it will remain open around the clock in its final four days. Well worth a visit if you do happen to find yourself in Paris, it is being held at the Galeries Nationales, Grand Palais until 24 January 2011.

But if a trip to Paris isn’t on the agenda, be sure to take an online wander –www.monet2010.com/en.

You can also buy and download the catalogue, the English version of which is distributed by Harry N. Abrams http://store.abramsbooks.com.