Football or Soccer?

Jun 22, 2011 | First Edition Translations, Translation

Metres, meters or feet? 14 February or February 14?

One of our more unusual editorial projects this year has been the Americanization of the Guinness World Records 2011 edition. Not our usual type of translation project but just as important when publishing across the pond.

The GWR book is written every year in UK English so when it comes to Americanization, thousands of records needed to be checked with the editors looking closely at dates, measurements, alternative spellings and, of course, making sure all references to ‘football’ are changed to ‘soccer’! Even the punctuation can vary; Americans, for example, prefer —dashes— to (brackets).

An eye for detail and a good knowledge of both versions of the language were needed for this project and, here at the office, we enjoyed checking out some of the more unusual records, just for fun!

Guinness World Records has a 55-year history and is now a global phenomenon. Step inside at