Case Study – Shark AG

Jun 22, 2011 | Business, Case studies, First Edition Translations, Translation

One of our most valued and regular clients is the energy-drink manufacturer Shark AG, part of the Osotspa Group. Osotspa has been the pioneer and leading energy drink manufacturer and marketer in Thailand since 1966; a world leader in specialty drinks that refresh the mind and the body. In 1970 their most popular product and key brand M-150 was launched and is now the number one selling energy drink, selling over 1 billion units worldwide across more than 30 countries in Asia, South East Asia, Indochina, USA, Europe, Russia, and South America.

SHARK Energy Drink is also part of the proud Osotspa heritage. SHARK is a quality, life style focused Energy Drink, well known as both a popular standalone product and as a well-established mixer, demonstrated by their ever-growing cocktail range. SHARK is manufactured in Thailand and Europe, and distributed in over 60 countries.

This is where we come in! First Edition translates and back translates (to check for accuracy) the labels used for the products within the markets of Shark AG. Wherever possible, we use the same translators for consistency in the original translations, with different translators being used for the back-translations to ensure accuracy.

First Edition Translations have been working with Shark AG since 2004 and enjoy a great relationship with them, always ensuring we offer the best service and value. To take a look at the range of products they offer, visit their website at

“We have used First Edition for a number of years now, and have built up a strong and trusting relationship with them. They offer us a fast and efficient resource to translate and back-translate our various product labels, enabling us to meet the demands of the various markets across the world.”
Justin Sadaghiani, Shark AG UK