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Our wonderful language is forever evolving, with new words and popular phrases going in and out of fashion all the time. And every year a group of eminents decide which words should be allowed into the dictionary.… continue reading >
I don’t know if you did, but my family sat in the dark last night with our one candle burning as a mark of respect and to commemorate the beginning of WW1. The letters and poems that were read out …… continue reading >
The next Export Club meeting takes place tomorrow (Tuesday 29 July) at The Moller Centre, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DE.  Attendance is free and you don’t need to book – just come along… continue reading >
If I say ‘Spain’ to you, what do you think of? Sandy beaches, hot sun, maybe annoying British tourists demanding fish and chips? Or what about long, lazy meals, when, even after the food is gone, the… continue reading >
So, the Tour de France is coming to Cambridge next week and the shops and businesses on the route are having fun putting their cycle related wares and decorations up in the windows. Pot holes are being filled and… continue reading >