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From time to time we are asked to provide back translations as part of our clients’ quality control process. But what exactly is a back translation and why is it useful? The idea behind back translations is… continue reading >
In today’s digital age it is extremely important for website owners to keep up with the flow of information and provide fresh content as often as possible for their readers. And, of course, if you operate a… continue reading >
A bad translation might not only lead to misunderstandings or confusion but it can even influence art history. For example, let’s take Michelangelo’s Moses statue in Rome. If you look at this famous… continue reading >
We are thrilled to announce that one of our valued clients is among the winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award this year. Congratulations to Cambridge-based Wright Design! Wright Design entered the… continue reading >
Have you noticed that some letters have disappeared from various street signs and company logos around the country? If you look carefully, you will notice that the missing letters are all As, Bs and Os. This is not… continue reading >