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So, we’re all gearing ourselves up for the lovely long Easter weekend – planning not to drive… anywhere; buying the roast for Sunday; hiding the eggs (for the children…?). Cambridge is… continue reading >
Do you ever knock on wood? You say something stupid like ‘oh, it’s always sunny on my birthday’ then hurriedly search for a plank to touch in case you ‘jinx’ it? It is a custom known… continue reading >
We are very proud of the fact that we translate to and from most of the world’s languages. And if we don’t currently have a translator on our books who can deal with a particular language, we will do our… continue reading >
So, once again the pranks have been pranked and the fools have been fooled. A quick round up of some of the stories from today but one of them is true – can you guess which one?! Google has announced …… continue reading >
Seeking inspiration for today’s blog post, I thought I’d have a look at the origins of Mother’s Day (and keep reminding myself to go and buy a card!). And I found out something I didn’t know,… continue reading >