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So, how many of your staff are off sick today? Or should be off sick but are snuffling in a corner? It seems everyone I know (including me!) has had a horrible cold this winter. However, you will be glad …… continue reading >
As we reach another Chinese New Year, maybe you are thinking of buying someone a new year gift? Here are a few hints for Chinese New Year pressies! DON’T buy any sharp objects. Now, I can’t really… continue reading >
And so we approach another Valentine’s Day, where much, one assumes, kissing will be going on. As well as eating and drinking and maybe sitting staring at each other with nothing to say in a crowded… continue reading >
Sunday sees another Burns Day with much piping, haggis and, of course, whiskey galore! And Scotland has been quite the centre of attention for the UK this year. I, for one, am glad we are still as one and I …… continue reading >